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Danse Adje ensemble, founding members.

Martha Perez (Instructor)
Martha has a master's degree in sociology and a Ph.D. in cultural geography. She lectures at UT Austin and works as an independent consultant in several areas, including education policy development. White Darkness, Martha's moving theatrical fusion of original poetry and prose with traditional Haitian drumming, dance, and song played the Santa Cruz Center for Culture in Austin in 1999. Martha's extraordinary ability to share the healing power of dance has touched the lives of all who have known her.

Eric Dannenbaum (Instructor)
Eric is a professional percussionist and skilled instructor with over twenty years experience. In addition to offering private lessons, he works in business, academic, recreational, and therapeudic settings. Eric has shared his unique vision of rhythm and the healing arts with hundreds of students and colleagues of all ages and backgrounds. His ensemble performs for dance classes and workshops, art openings, seminars, festivals, and other events.

Rachel Pervin (Drummer)
Rachel is a visual artist by training and a founding member of Danse Adje. She performes regularly with our drum ensemble and has accompanied the Afro-Haitian Dance Class since 1994. Rachel has a wily sense of humor and a memorably fat cat. Between jokes she lends a hand with drum and dance workshops in Austin, Dallas, Sturgeon Bay, New Orleans, and elsewhere. Rachel has her own business which custom designs handcrafted jewelry.

Gerardo Villanueva (Drummer)
Gerard is a dedicated student of the drums and a professional chef. He performs with us regularly and has accompanied Afro-Haitian Dance Class since 1994. In addition to being a core member of our own ensemble, Gerard plays an assortment of percussion instruments with Brazilian music and avant-guarde groups from Austin and San Antonio. Gerard enjoys books, movies, and entertaining friends and family.

Chato (Mascot)
Chato was adopted as a puppy from the SPCA and is well loved by drummers and dancers alike. He has always enjoyed the strong vibrations of the drums and loves to watch dancers in action. Chato's favorite rhythm is Juba/Matinik.